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Project Description

The Lake House, Plaistow

Set among the beautiful Sussex countryside, this astonishing development was built just over 10 years ago and benefitted from an extremely comprehensive home automation solution, providing a modern and efficient home for the family living there.  Fast forward 10 years and the accelerating progression towards music streaming, along with developments in wireless audio connectivity solutions, prompted the owner to look for an upgrade to the ageing audio systems that were originally installed.

Being an existing user of the superb Sonos music application, the client wanted the pre-cabled B&W speakers to be converted into wireless audio zones.  By installing a number of Sonos Connect:Amp devices we were able to create a highly intuitive, zoned audio solution that every member of the family can use either via a fixed touch panel interface, or through their mobile devices running the Sonos app.  Having the ability to play the same music throughout the entire property, or choose different songs or playlists in each room at the same time, makes for a greatly improved listening experience with each member of the household having the flexibility to choose what they listen to and when.

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February, 2017




Wireless Audio


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