intouch integrates QMotion shades

Shading goes fully wireless with intouch.

The intouch solution was developed to offer intuitive and reliable smart home control by integrating the worlds most advanced technologies.  By focussing on the essentials of everyday home life – temperature and lighting – we have created a system that drastically enhances way we interact with our homes.

Adding a leading shading solution was a natural step for the intouch application.  Manual opening and closing of curtains or blinds is the next major process used to control the level of light and heat within the home.  Automating, simplifying and integrating shade control is an important part of any smart home system, and as with smart lighting and temperature control, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Look… no wires.

The intouch solution is all about simplifying and improving the everyday.  With this in mind QMotion was a natural choice because of their innovative range of entirely wireless shading systems.  Ideal for both retrofit and new build applications, their battery powered motors, with up to 5 years of operation, and powerful Zigbee wireless communication protocol make their shades quick and easy to install, and with the incredibly user friendly intouch interface controlling the amount of natural light and solar gain coming into the home is like childs play.

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