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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my (almost) 20 year career in building automation, it’s that working together, collaborating, and building partnerships is a crucial element to suceeding and growing, both personally and professionally.  Whilst it’s certainly true that any industry benefits from competition, as it means suppliers have to constantly evolve and enhance their proposition therefore bringing greater choice and value to the client, I categorically believe that there is more than enough business and opportunity out there for us all, and that in many instances a project will significantly benefit if those involved with both the design AND delivery work together, communicate effectively and most importantly collaborate.

In recent years we have seen the introduction of applications such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), which are designed to simplify and improve the way buildings and their infrastructure are designed, but also, perhaps more importantly, the way in which those involved with the design and construction process share and obtain iformation relevant to the project.  Directly or indirectly this enhances collaboration across the supply chain, and the majority of those utilisating BIM report benefits to themselves and the projects they’re involved with.


Let’s work together.  No really, lets!

At intouch we have developed a strong network of partnerships that include developers, architects, interior designers, property agents, installers, exclusive clubs, consultants, BMS and AV integrators, and many more.  We routinely organise daytime seminars and evening networking events that are simply aimed at bringing these people together, because we all have something to offer.  A great example of this is our relationship with Vega Home (http://www.privatehome.london/), a premium interior design and project management firm.  Our specialist and professional services are highly complimentary and we are working closely and innovatively to enhance the propositon for both businesses.

Ok, yes we work across both BMS and AV platforms, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to steal your lunch.  Our industry is big, but it’s also extremely small at times, and for that reason there are countless examples of integrators working together, sharing resource, and creating partnerships.  It works, and it’s a model I strongly believe in.  We are being approached more and more by BMS and AV integrators, some being the big players in town, because we can help to enhance their proposition and technical capabilities, and we have already collaborated with a number of them on exciting projects.

So perhaps you’re looking at a MDU residential construction project and need support with understanding how your BMS controls can intergate seemelessly with the home automation systems, or maybe you’re working on a multimillion pound single dwelling project to provide a high end AV automation solution and are being asked about heating and cooling control.  We really can and want to help, so get ‘intouch’ and lets build a partnership that can open more doors and bring more opportunities.

If you are interested to explore a partnership, or collaborate with us and our growing network of partners, let us know.

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