It’s ALL about the interface

Simplicity is the key to user satisfication.

We know a thing or two about control systems and building automation.  We’ve been involved with designing, selling, delivering and maintaining the most advanced systems for 20 years, and one of the most important lessons we’ve learned along the way is that you can have the best, most expensive technology products installed but if the user interface to the system is poorly designed, unintuitive and simply not user friendly, the client will quickly end up believing they have been sold a substandard solution.

Sadly, over the years we have come across many installations, often based on the best technology systems in the world, that have been drastically let down by the design of the user interface.  It’s a very common problem in fact, and we work with many clients who are ready to invest in having their entire system replaced with an alternative, simply because the interface has led to them to believe what they already have is no good!

Reassuringly advanced… Refreshingly simple

When we developed the intouch application we used our experience in building automation, and our relationship with the biggest brands in the world to create a smart home solution that breaks through the overwhelming choice and gives the user the most essential part of a smart home… Control.

Our approach to smart homes caters for the 3 most important aspects:

  • Control – The essentials of any home environment; intuitive control of temperature and lighting.

  • Integration – Systems must be properly integrated, starting at design, to achieve proper control.

  • Interface – The users experience comes down to one thing; a simple, smart and intuitive user interface.

By thinking in this way we create solutions that make technology work for the user, never against them, which is so often the case with other systems.  At the end of the day, a smart home should be exactly that… smart, but if you have to fight your way through a multitude of apps, all with their own interface, just to manage the fundamentals in the home it can quickly become frustrating and make the user wish they had their trusty old light switch and thermostat back.

With all these factors considered, we made sure that our interface offered the very best and most intuitive experience possible, and this has made the intouch solution highly sought after by property developers and end consumers alike.

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