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We help people regain their independence and lead healthier, happier, safer and more dignified lives.  Our solutions help to minimise the challenges of every day living within the home, by automating and drastically simplifying many of the routine tasks that most people take for granted, such as:

Opening or closing curtains, blinds or windows, and switching lights on and off.  Adjusting the temperature and managing energy use more efficiently.  Watching TV, movies, listening to audio books or playing music.  Even contacting friends, family or carers for a quick catch-up or in case of emergency.


The average annual cost of a care home in the UK is currently around £40,000.  However, money aside, most people would prefer to remain in their own home, with familiar surroundings.  Sadly, following serious injury or illness, or through age related frailty, many find it difficult or even impossible to stay at home without full time carers.

We have combined our decades of technology expertise and knowledge of building environments to create solutions that make it possible to remain at home, and can help with rehabilitation progression.  We can automate and simplify many of the day-to-day tasks that most take for granted, provide voice controls for lights, heating, TV, music, appliances, and even setup voice controlled video call systems making it easier to contact friends, family and carers.  And what’s more, this can usually be achieved for a fraction of the cost of the average UK care home.

Our solutions are proven to drastically improve the lives of those who suffer with mobility issues, whether through mental or physical disability, or age related frailty.  However, we are committed to the progression and development of new technologies and solutions that will change lives for the better, and we actively invest into development programs and partner with leading charities, research institutions and technology developers.

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